Skin and Spa

Escape from reality and experience blissful serenity with our aromatherapy based De Stress Spa.
Roll back the years and get a youthful radiance with our best in house facial, using exclusive premium Salon Apple products.
Go backless with confidence. Get our full body scrub to exfoliate the impurities and dirt.
Workload pulling you down? Sit back and take it easy on your head while our team gives you a refreshing head massage.
Beat your back pain with our relaxing back massage which relieves your muscle tension and de-stresses you at the same time!
Let your face breathe with our Signature Clean Up that cleans your pores deep from within getting rid of nasty blackheads! Pick our signature clean up for a radiant, lasting, clearer skin.
Reveal your skin’s healthy glow with our exclusive premium platinum body polish. Indulge yourself. Because you’re worth it.
Pamper yourself from tips to toes - get our Signature manicure and pedicure that you'll thoroughly enjoy from start to polish.